Autocorrect is one third experimental rap choir, and two thirds performance art. From one GIF to the next, these sonic adventurers reblog and <3 the ennui of aging, millennial, lower/middle-class males stumbling through the deconstruction of their own social identity. The struggle is real, between algorithms deciding what we see, hear, and know, and the timeless anxiety of not being quite sure where you fit. Student loans, minimum wage, tweetbots, and crippling depression.

There has never been a better time.

Press Release


COLUMBIA, SC--Autocorrect is pleased to announce the release of As It Is, a full-body listening experience. The sounds therein lead to spontaneous goose flesh, getting woke all up, and wondering if you read more Dr. Seuss aloud if you could ever be 1/10 a rapper as Cecil Decker. The answer, dear child, is no, no matter what his trash-talking lyricism might suggest about his opinions of self and others.

This record is more solid than bedrock, deeper than the Loch Ness, with more buzz than the whole darn hive mind.

Autocorrect is Cecil Decker, Moses Andrews, Chris Jonhson, studio member Sean OG Burns, and multiple friends making merriment. Autocorrect pleases audiences with lights, sounds and unparalleled energy: all but the lights are felt strongly while turning this on and forgetting the world and all the criticisms of your mean Aunt Gertrude.

Friends appear on several tracks, making this a party record, too. Listen out for the other-worldly All our Progress with Ahomari, Alice Wyrd, and Jesse Dangerously. Also tune in for Electric which includes The Good Witch and well-paced words that make you contemplate the bliss inherent in suffering. Especially listen to So Many Words, leaving you speechless and remembering childhood music boxes and meditative days spent star gazing. So many words, dangling. As It Is highlights Autocorrect's versatility and is an alluring lesson in thoughtfulness and radical honesty.

Layering electronic bips, boops and beaty glamour with every breath, sitting or dancing a spell with the tunes on As It Is harkens a journey in introspection, mixing glee with ennui.

As a frontman, Decker does a great job of balancing a different tones and subject matters. There’s a sarcastic and absurdist sense of humor to the group, but they manage to sneak in a lot of meaningful political discussion as well.
The designed-for-headphones approach and Decker’s lyrical emphasis on internal monologue makes it difficult to imagine as anything more than a painfully honest, yet smart, take on self-awareness that inverses the typical relationship of the MC with their audience.
— Kyle Peterson, Jasper Magazine
It is harsh, but not too distorted. Loud, but not like you’re being yelled at by your angry uncle.
— Damn That Noise
It’s glitchy and noisy and makes you want to crawl out of your skin. And yet it’s also absolutely beautiful and gives me goose bumps every time I listen.
— Chad Walker, Fandomania
Never at a loss for words, Decker contends bravely with all aspects of his reality — whether they be cute kittens or dangerous fireworks.
— Eric Tullis, Free Times


Tel: 864.346.9396